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May 29, 2023

Memorial Day Madness


Big night in the sports matrix to kick off the start of the 2023 summer, Game 7 NBA and Game 6 NHL. The magnets were magnet-ing against the Celtics tonight.

There is a new app called Pikkit that has been releasing public bet % data, and we are going to keep a close eye on their data compared to ours and Sports Action Pro, to see how all 3 compare.

We plan on cross referencing all 3 data sources to see how often they align regarding cash % and $ bet.

  • Boston Celtics -7.5 (-110) -8.8u
  • Vegas Golden Knights (+110) +4.4u
May 23, 2023

Playoff Hockey


With Dallas getting 93% of the public money, we knew the gambling overlords couldn't pass up this handle. Easy 4-0 win for Vegas.

  • Vegas Golden Knights (+140) +7u
Apr 17, 2023

Playoff Hockey


Best time of year, kickback and enjoy the next two months, NHL playoff hockey will never be topped, it's the best sporting event in the world, yes even better than the NFL Playoffs and all other sports.

No Bergeron, no problem. 96% of the money was not stopping the B's tonight, Bruins take game 1.

  • Florida Panthers (+180) -2.8u
Apr 11, 2023

Bet % Does Not Matter, ROI Does


96% of the money wasn't enough for Vegas to take the bait apparently. They tried, however MLB is looking like the hardest sport to control at the moment.

  • Washing Nationals (+260) -8u
Apr 9, 2023

Masters Weekend


Going to be very minimal bets released over the next three months or so, the data points to Vegas taking loses on a pretty regular basis. MLB seems to be the hardest sport to control the outcome. Most likely will only be betting prime time games like we did last night, everyone realizing their Masters bet wasn't hitting so needed action on something to try and make up for the money they were prematurely counting all weekend. Nice FTP win.

  • San Diego Padres (+110) +12u
Apr 6, 2023



Not good. Vegas is taking a beating, as are we.

Total -16 units

MLB (-13u)
  • San Diego Padres (+130) -5u
  • Washington Nationals (+150) -5u
  • Detroit Tigers (+120) -2u
  • Kansas City Royals +1½ (+123) -1u

NHL (-3u)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (+150) -3u
Apr 5, 2023

Day 7 Discrepancies


We're still working out the kinks in our systems, but I think we found an extremely telling edge in the data. Time to back-test this theory to see how profitable it's been the last 24 months. Stay tuned.

Total -1 unit (2 wins, 4 loses)

MLB (-3.6u)
  • Detroit Tigers +1½ (-110) -2.2u
  • Detroit Tigers (+200) -1u
  • Pittsburg Pirates (+130) +2.6u
  • Philadelphia Phillies (+160) -2u

We noticed this discrepancy in some March Madness games as well, guess we're not surprised to see the trend continue over to MLB. Wow, Sports Action telling us the money is split nearly 50/50.. baiting the average Joe to take Red Sox..

However, heavy public money on Red Sox today.. same trends in the NHL..

NHL ( +2.6u)
  • Calgary Flames (+115) +4.6u
  • Anaheim Ducks +1½ (+120) -2u

Lord have mercy this Flames / Jets game was chaotic. Major misleading money for the public.

Our data is gold.. and even crazier discrepancies for the Oilers / Ducks game!

this can't be the norm, but we'll continue to track throughout the playoffs.

Buckle up.

Apr 4, 2023

MLB Day 6


Nice scripted come from behind win for the Diamondbacks. Funny how the pitcher who blows the lead for the Padres is #66, no coincidences, throwing meatballs.

Kicking ourselves for not sprinkling a unit on the Tigers ML, but a win is a win.

The Matrix won big last night, basically winning back everything they 'lost' on UConn, which is an important mindset to remember going forward, big title games don't matter as much as you think they do.. don't 'max bet' something just because it's the March Madness final.

2 wins (+4.9 units)

  • 2 Units — Detroit Tigers +1½ (+117) ✓
  • 2 Units — Arizona Diamondbacks (+130) ✓
Apr 3, 2023

Martingale Madness — Final Four


Not the ending we saw coming, public money was all over UConn, and the game was a blowout start to finish.. It feels like Vegas knows we know, and it's trying to prove things aren't rigged by allowing big wins here and there.

Looking at the numbers it wasn't really too big of a devastating loss for Vegas, something they can easily make up in a few weeks throughout the NBA/NHL playoffs and MLB season.

1 loss (-18.7 units)

  • 17 Units — San Diego State +7 (-110) ✗
Apr 1, 2023

Martingale Madness — Final Four


The fix was in. The Florida Atlantic “Owls” had all the symbolism working in their favor, 666 hand symbols all game long, plus symbolism of the owl, medieval symbolism and bestiaries on the owl, and we all know the owl is the symbol of the illuminati and Freemasonry.

Has to be a setup for the final to cash in.. SDSU barely survives and UConn cruises to an easy win, the public is going to be all over UConn tomorrow night, looking like a max bet SDSU unless heavy money comes in on the other side, time will tell. SDSU money line anyone?

2 losses (-9.1 units)

  • 2.8 Units — San Diego State -2½ (-110) ✗
  • 5.5 Units — Miami Florida +5½ (-110) ✗
Mar 31, 2023

Opening Day 2


Opening Day has not been the most profitable for Vegas over the years, so we skipped out on day 1 of the new 2023 MLB season, however we saw an opportunity last night with the San Diego Padres, getting 91% of the money, so we had to throw a couple units on it.

We almost nabbed the White Sox as well, but will be keeping an eye on Houston this year, seems like they could be a 'deep state' team.

1 win, 1 loss (+2 units)

  • 2.8 Units — Colorado Rockies (+170) ✓
  • 2.8 Units — Chicago White Sox (+140) ✗
Mar 23, 2023

March Madness — Day 5


Entertaining Michigan State game, something about games at Madison Square Garden strike me as harder to control the outcome vs. games in other neutral locations, the Matrix lost big with that Kansas State win.

We punked out and overthought another Tennessse game, costing us some major units, we'll get them back, a lot of basketball left this weekend.

2 losses (-11 units)

  • 5 Units — Arkansas +3½ (-110) ✗
  • 5 Units — Michigan State +1 (-110) ✗
Mar 22, 2023

(N)othing (B)ut (A)ctors


I had a premonition while tuning into the Wizards game late 2nd quarter. I had no idea the Wizards star players were sitting out, whoever they are the announcer said something about them being out, then it hit me… that's why they are allowing these players to sit out while calling it 'load management / injuries' .. They want to sway the public betting line in a stronger direction so they can have bigger wins on a nightly basis.

Our first losing night, oh well, had to happen sometime..

1 loss (-2.2 units)

  • 2 Units — Washington Wizards +9 (-110) ✗
Mar 21, 2023

Two Unit Tuesday


Watched the entire game, man oh man.. the players do a great job of pretending to try, especially at the end of the game with an empty net, ha. Makes for great excitement for sure, especially for puck line, it's not a win or tie, lose or tie situation, its win or lose situation.

Side note: Jack Edwards is not well. His speech is so slow and often slurred. I wonder if he had a seizure or stroke due to the 'you-know-what' shot. I remember back in the days his announcing was fast and crisp, it's very sad to see live on air, hope is he doing ok..

1 win (+2 units)

  • 2 Units — Ottawa Senators +1½ (+100) ✓
Mar 20, 2023

NHL Monday


We were going to take a few days off until March Madness started back up, but we knew Vegas did not win enough over the weekend for them to hit their nut, so we are looking at select spots the rest of this month, we saw an opportunity with the data in NHL tonight.

3 NHL games where one team was getting 93% or higher of the bets. Unfortunately we missed the first game and were only able to bet the last 2, we still squeezed out a small winning night but would've been nice to capitalize even more.

1 win, 1 loss (+0.875 units)

  • 3.5u — San Jose Sharks +1½ (+125) ✓
  • 3.5u — Chicago Blackhawks +1½ (+145) ✗
Mar 19, 2023

March Madness — Day 4


What a way to wrap up one of the most corrupted best sports betting weekend of the year. We purposefully stayed away from the TCU game even though the data was a match, we knew Gonzaga would win and something didn't sit right with us about how close the line was. It was a trap indeed, and the corruption reared it's ugly head at the very end of the game.

This corruption should make you sick regardless if you won, lost or didn't bet the game. This is the entire reason I started Blockchain Bets, to exploit and capitalize on these exact instances, which we did all weekend long.

1 win, 1 loss (+6.2 units)

  • 15 Units — Michigan State +3 (-110) ✓
  • 8 Units — Saint Marys +4 (-110) ✗
Mar 18, 2023

March Madness — Day 3


It's not often you win 15 units in one day and feel like you left ~20 more units on the table.. we punk'd out with Duke / Tenn. We overthought it, but thankfully we didn't bet against the data, we just didn't bet at all, and sometimes the most important bet you can make it the one you never place.

Anyways.. we also left units on the table with Arkansas and Penn State as well, we should've pressed harder, oh well, you live and you learn.

4 wins, 1 loss (+15 units)

  • 10 Units — San Diego State -4½ (-110) ✓
  • 3 Units — Arkansas +3½ (-110) ✓
  • 3 Units — Penn State +5½ (-110) ✓
  • 10 Units — Northwestern +7½ (-110) ✓
  • 10 Units — Maryland +9 (-110) ✗
Mar 17, 2023

March Madness — Day 2


You need to press when you see the spots, and we did just that. Grand Canyon was the only opportunity Vegas had to make real money last night, so we exploited that game with a max bet and it paid off.

We also have a hunch on Indiana this year, as we noticed lot's of pre-tournament coverage and airtime for Indiana coach Mike Woodson, the matrix seems to be propping him up for some reason.

Yesterday was also an 8 day in numerology (17th = 1 + 7 = 8). 8 is the number of money, and fortune favors the brave on these days if you are in alignment. It's no coincidence we won 17 units.

2 wins, 1 loss (+17 Units)

  • 4.2 Units — Indiana -4 (-110) ✓
  • 15 Units — Grand Canyon +15½ (-110) ✓
  • 2 Units — Providence +4½ (-110) ✗
Mar 16, 2023

March Madness — Day 1


Nice start to the 2023 March Madness Tournament, right on schedule the heavy publicly bet games didn't cover, except for Kansas, which was the same as last year. I suspect Vegas does this to give Joe Public some hope, to keep betting the heavy favorites as the tournament progresses.

3 wins, 1 loss (+9 Units)

  • 10 Units — Northern Kentucky +19 (-110) ✓
  • 2.5 Units — Princeton +15 (-110) ✓
  • 2 Units — Texas A&M-CC +24.5 (-110) ✓
  • 5 Units — Howard +22 (-110) ✗